Next weekend we’re hosting a Co-op Fair in Carrboro from 3-5. We’ve booked Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands to play for two hours while you enjoy free tastings of items like The Pig’s BBQ, Two Chicks Farm preserves, Equal Exchange bananas, direct-sourced wines, and olives and olive oil on WSM olive bread. Learn more:

Every August we get biodynamic grapes from Marian Farms. They’re smaller than ordinary grapes because no growth hormones are added; this makes them sweeter! They’re hand-picked by workers who receive an hourly wage to encourage them to be careful.

Read our interview with Gena Nonini from Marian Farms on our website:

Here’s some photos of our newest local cheese producer, Piemonte Farms. (You might remember them as the Farm Fairy.) They make cheese twice a week at nearby Calico Dairy; the warm milk comes straight from the cows into the vat where they add cheese cultures. Then they agd the raw-milk cheese in their cheese cave for at least two months. We have the Old Glencoe and the Don Gabino.